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About Us

realxa.com is an online portal to sell, let or even permanent swap homes in the UK build for Real-Estate Agents, Landlords, Tenants, homeowners, homebuyers, etc. With a housing market that has been hard hit by the recent economy, and so many owners fearful of losing the equity they have built up, we saw the need for an uncomplicated and straight forward way of to find suitable buyers or tenants. We offer free membership. Our property community is live and lets you post your house or flat with complete confidence. Find one that meets your exact requirements.


There are about 17.5 million homeowners across the UK, and approximately 1 million properties are sold each year. With the weak housing market home sales are dropping, however, and like many owners, you may be fearful of lowered values, and so postpone selling even though you need to do so. Instead of letting out your home and renting a flat in your new location, or selling your property at a loss, what could be easier than simply finding another property owner willing to swap legal ownership? The simultaneous buy and sell process of a home swap virtually eliminates the usual risks and saves you both time and expense.

Sell or Let

Our online home exchange community puts you in direct contact with other owners wishing to sell, buy, swap, let or rent a property. As a member, you can communicate with other others, explore offers with complete transparency and update your property details at no cost. Our user-friendly website lets you post your property in seconds. Include geo location, photos of the property and detailed information. Searching the right property across the nation is very easy. You can create a watchlist, set alerts and stay on top of best deals. It does not matter if real-estate agent or landlord everyone can use our portal for free.


    Great service at no cost

  • Live communication and alerts forwarded to personal email
  • Create watchlist and property monitor to stay on top
  • Smart-Geo search includs filter and sort function

    It's all in one

  • Post a flat or house for rent to find a suitable tenant
  • List an office, house or parking for sell or rent
  • Permanently swap legal ownership of any house or flat


Thanks for visiting realxa.com the real estate exchange community. This is a new service that depend on everyone, If you like what we do then please share our site with family, friends and neighbours. Our goal is to make it easier to find the affordable home that you deserve. The service is constantly maintained and updated with new features. We wish you a pleasant stay and don’t miss out to post your property today