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realxa offers easy home swapping for free

Published on Monday December 26th 2011

The global economic crisis has seriously affected millions of people throughout the world. The real estate industry has been decimated, leaving many people with homes whose value is far below the remaining balance on their mortgages. It is extremely difficult to sell real estate in these conditions. Thankfully, realxa is here to help. By connecting home sellers with one another, this excellent new service builds a strong sense of community and facilitates permanent home swaps. Best of all, realxa is free!

realxa is getting more and more popular in London, Leeds, Birminham and other large cities within the UK; the company plans to extend its operations into the countryside in the near future. A permanent home swap is much simpler and more enjoyable than the lengthy, tense process of standard sales. realxa's users enjoy connecting with one another on a human level and are thrilled to bypass the "middle men" who complicate other real estate transactions. Simplicity is the key! Buying and selling real estate can be quick, efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. Permanent home swaps promote friendly relationships between buyers and sellers; the adversarial atmosphere that poisons so many home sales is replaced with good feelings. realxa is deeply committed to its members and their happiness, and welcomes feedback and suggestions. Permanent home swaps are fast, easy and free -- truly the way of the future.


Introducing realxa, an innovative way to save time

Published on Monday November 28th 2011

realxa is a free unique community based in the United Kingdom that allows property owners to swap their real estate in one easy transaction. Instead of traditionally selling your house and finding a temporary place to stay, you can go from one house to the next instantly! This saves you the hassle and costs of searching and waiting.
Joining realxa is like joining a community of people just like you: people who want to live in a new place right now. The website is simple and easy to use. You simply post a profile of your property for free, browse for another person’s property that you want, contact them and then swap. And since realxa is an open community, others can view your property and contact you as well. This makes finding a new place to live easier and faster than ever. Once you sign up for free you will be able to view photos and detailed descriptions of available properties. realxa isn’t just for homeowners, but also for landlords, inheritors, agencies and realtors. Multiple numbers of properties can be posted for free. Anything from houses, flats, offices or studios. If you want an easy and convenient way to find a better neighborhood to live in, to live closer to work, or just want a quick change of scenery, then realxa is for you.
For more information, go realxa.com and sign up for free to start instantly browsing for properties available for exchange.